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Hens & Kelly Department Store

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Photo credits: Palmers, Buff State College Archives, Joe Sparacio via The News, Ellicott Development


478 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.13-5-1.1
Erie County Property Info
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Next to: 472 Main Street
Across from: Star Theater, Y.M.C.A. Building, original YMCA/YWCA Building, the Union Bank Building, the Mayer & Weill Building, the McDonald's Townhouse Building , 483 Main Street , and 477 Main Street


Carl Paladino, Ellicott Development
MOHAWK GROUP per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Carl and William Paladino's company, Ellicott Development, or corporations it controls: (Huron Group Inc, Tupper Group Inc, Deltup LLC, Del-Al LLC, 1238 Group, 1239 Group, 4858 Group, 5277 Group, 9274 Group, etc.), owns these buildings or parcels of preservation concern (not a complete list): The Baker Shoes Building, the L.L. Berger Dept. Store / Belesario, the Bellesara / Allentown Athletic, the Creamery Building, 61 Edna Place , the Ellicott Square Building, the Graystone Building, the Harbor Inn, the Hens & Kelly Department Store, Holy Angels Academy, Jansen Brothers Harness Shop, a Kaleida Health Facility, 1173 East Lovejoy Street , 1175 East Lovejoy Street , 1179 East Lovejoy Street , the Meldrum-Edwards Building / Antonio, Neisner's, 262 Ohio Street, 206 Ontario Street , Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Rectory & School, most of Saint Paul Mall, 809 Tonawanda Street , Weed Co. Wholesale Building, 1076 Genesee Street, Vars Building, Pleu Building, Y.M.C.A. / Y.W.C.A. Building, Crosby Building, 172 Franklin Street, 176 Franklin Street, Grimm Block, 514 South Park Avenue, 85 East Market Street, 192 Seneca Street, 1050 Niagara Street.

Physical Description

Six story brick commercial building, replaced earlier four story building

Current Condition

In use. First two floors of Main Street glass and stone facade were partially covered up in a Hens & Kelly remodel.


  • Former site of what was known as the Miller Block
  • Former Hens & Kelly Department store location. There were multiple buildings used and expanded upon by the company at this site over time.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Renovated into apartments by Ellicott Development

Other Pertinent Facts


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